Bitcoin Association Wants to Freeze Block Rewards Associated with Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Association Seeks to Pursue Criminal Action Against Malicious Miner Affecting Honest Market Players

Bitcoin Association, a Swiss-based non-profit organization that supports the development of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, has announced that it will pursue criminal charges against a malicious miner.

It is also currently working with businesses to freeze block rewards associated with the miner.

The Bitcoin Association claims that empty blocks are produced by the majority of miners on the network.

The miner has been operating on the blockchain for years, but designs of malicious activity have started to emerge. The bad actor started mining empty blocks while increasing the hash rate share.

Such nefarious behavior negatively involves honest miners and businesses that are part of the network.

The dishonest miner refuses to collect new transactions which are broadcast to a node. Instead, it prioritizes producing empty blocks.

The organization claims that the miner deliberately attacks the network in order to disrupt its economic activity. He tried several times to contact the minor, to no avail.


Many in the bitcoin community started ridiculing the bitcoin association after it was announced.

The announcement included the threat of criminal charges, which seems toothless as the minor is anonymous and has not signed a contract with anyone.

Bob Summer will, executive director of ETC Cooperation, says the organization’s threats of criminal charges are actually harmless since the minor is anonymous. Moreover, they have never signed a contract with anyone, which is why any legal action is unlikely to succeed.

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